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Susan Burke Receives 2013 “Women Doing Good” Award from Self Magazine

Burke-Beals-Self Magazine Award


Katz, Marshall & Banks Of Counsel Susan Burke received a 2013 “Women Doing Good” award from Self Magazine for her work on behalf of victims of sexual assault in the military.  In her interview with Self, Ms. Burke explained that “Military leaders say they have a zero-tolerance policy for rape, but they have a zero-tolerance policy for those who report rape,” noting that more than 90 percent of alleged rapists are not incarcerated, and retaliation against accusers is common.  Self also asked Ms. Burke about her reasons for getting involved with the cause.  Ms. Burke explained, “I got an email from a woman who was raped by a soldier, and a few weeks before the trial, the military said they lost all the physical evidence. She lost her case. Six months later, an official called: ‘You need to pick up your underwear.’ I grew up on bases, so I felt a responsibility to serve these people.”

Other winners of the 2013 “Women Doing Good” award were the pop singer Shakira, for her investment in schools in Columbia; Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, for the work she’s done with the organization she founded in 2009, the Endometriosis Foundation of America; Scandal star Katie Lowes, for her investment of time and money into the Lollipop Theater Network, which works to lift the spirits of sick children at the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center; Marla Smith-Nilson, the founder of Water 1st, which helps communities in Ethiopia, Honduras, Bangladesh and India drill wells or tap mountain springs to gain access to clean water; and Jessica Greer Morris, the founder of Girl Be Heard, a theater group that empowers girls ages 12 to 21 to share personal stories through performance.