Carolyn Wheeler Quoted on New EEOC General Counsel

Katz, Marshall & Banks senior counsel Carolyn Wheeler was quoted in Bloomberg Law on the announcement that Gwendolyn Young Reams will serve as the acting general counsel for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The EEOC is the federal agency tasked with enforcing civil rights laws against discrimination in the workplace. As acting general counsel, Reams will mold the agency’s Strategic Enforcement Plan, which outlines EEOC litigation priorities. Reams will have even greater influence following President Biden’s firing of Sharon Gustafson, a Trump-appointed EEOC lawyer.

Ms. Wheeler worked closely with Reams as an Assistant General Counselat the EEOC for over 25 years before joining Katz, Marshall & Banks, and she supports Reams not only for her knowledge of the agency’s litigation program, but also because she knows its “people, strengths and weaknesses, resources, and priorities, better than anyone I can think of.”

Given Republicans’ indignation over Gustafson’s firing, and the generally slow nomination process, Reams will likely be in the acting role for some time.

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