Chief Justice Roberts Orders Review of Sexual Harassment Standards in the Judiciary

In an interview with Bloomberg’s June Grasso, Katz, Marshall & Banks partner Debra Katz discusses Supreme Court Chief Justice John Robert’s recent order to review sexual harassment standards in the U.S. judiciary.

Chief Justice Robert’s call to evaluate the current standards of conduct and its procedures for investigating and correcting inappropriate behavior are important first steps, according to Ms. Katz. “Unlike members in the private sector or even in federal executive agencies, there’s no recourse if you’re sexually harassed and you’re clerking for a federal judge.” Title VII doesn’t cover employees in the judiciary and there aren’t clear reporting lines, like going to the EEOC.

With the public spotlight on high-profile sexual harassment cases, we have reached a moment when victims are finally being believed. As people come forward with allegations, we need clear reporting mechanisms and actionable disciplinary procedures in all sectors, including the U.S. judiciary. Revising the code of conduct is crucial.

Ms. Katz says this isn’t about victims “seeking money. They’re not asserting legal claims. They’re essentially saying that people who hold the public trust need to be accountable.”

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