Debra Katz quoted in the Washington Post on Replacing Harassers in Politics

Katz, Marshall & Banks partner Debra Katz was quoted in a Washington Post article titled, “Quick firing not an option in political sex-misconduct cases.” While private companies have quickly ridded themselves of sexual harassers such as Bill O’Reilly, Harvey Weinstein, and Matt Lauer, politicians live by different rules and motivations. They are their own brands, and don’t face nearly the financial and reputational pressures that NBC or Fox do.

Additionally, most politicians only need support from a specific small geographic area, rather than in large demographic markets across the country.

“With politicians, there’s a spin machine that immediately goes into place — and a different constituency they are playing to,” says Ms. Katz. “They’re assuming their political base will allow them to continue in their roles, and they can continue to slap at the press and brand any continued reporting as fake news.”

Finally, members of Congress do not have a boss who can fire them. And while systems are in place for harassers to be expelled from Congress, expulsions only happen in extremely rare occasions.

Ms. Katz was also quoted on Congress' reporting process in a piece for Time Magazine that can be read here.

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