The Federal Court System Must Address Sexual Harassment Head On

Katz, Marshall & Banks associate Stacy Cammarano authored an op-ed in the Washington Post titled, “#MeToo in the federal court system is doomed to fail.” As an extended version of her blog for KMB’s Employment Law Blog, Ms. Cammarano explains how the system for law clerks who are victimized fails, and calls on Congress to change the structure.

First, there are no remedies readily available for victims of harassment by federal judges. Law clerks cannot file suit due to mistreatment, and the internal process offers no remedies. Second, law clerks are often at the mercy of their judge’s references, which further disincentives reporting.

Chief Justice John Roberts assembled a working group that seeks to raise awareness of existing options. Unfortunately, those options are convoluted, and not nearly adequate. As Ms. Cammarano notes, “It’s time to make the judiciary subject to the same laws it enforces for everyone else.”

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