How do Compliance Officers Blow the Whistle?

Katz, Marshall & Banks partner Michael Filoromo co-authored an article with Zac Arbitman of Youman & Caputo, LLC, “How Does a Compliance Officer Blow the Whistle – And What Happens Then?” The first article in this series, “Can Compliance Officers be Eligible for Whistleblower Rewards?” covered the criteria that compliance personnel must meet to be eligible for the SEC and CFTC whistleblower programs.

This sequel details the specific steps that potential whistleblowers must go through to submit a tip to the SEC or CFTC, and what factors impact the size of an award. This includes the significance of the information provided, the outcome of the enforcement action, how the agency prioritizes the issue at hand, and more. Mr. Filoromo and Mr. Arbitman also cover what protections whistleblowers have under the Dodd-Frank Act, and the Commodity Exchange Act.

While compliance officers are in a unique position due to their responsibilities to raise and address fraudulent activity as part of their job duties, experienced attorneys can guide these whistleblowers through the complex programs and ensure that they receive the rewards they deserve.

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