Jolena Jeffrey Discusses Employee Rights in Supporting Social Justice Movements

Katz, Marshall & Banks associate Jolena Jeffrey authored an article for Bloomberg Law, “INSIGHT: Black Lives Matter Apparel Raises Questions for Employers.”

As people become increasingly engaged with political activism and social justice movements, employees are displaying their support in the apparel they wear to work. Employers are being forced to decide between restricting dress codes or allowing employees to wear apparel in solidarity of a movement they support.

As Ms. Jeffrey points out, “many employers, especially those whose employees interact with the public, will opt for barring all messaging. That approach may help to create a neutral work environment where others would not be incited to wear offensive items or to verbally assault staff members.”

However, this approach runs the risk of inciting public condemnation, especially when high profile companies block employees from exhibiting support for human rights movements like Black Lives Matter. In certain instances, Ms. Jeffrey suggests companies, “should look more closely and consider changing their policies to reflect sensitivity to the current concern with the prevalence of racism in all aspects of American life.”

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