Katz, Marshall & Banks Acting as Co-Counsel in Case against Facebook

Katz, Marshall & Banks is representing Facebook employees and acting as co-counsel in an investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission into alleged systemic racial bias in hiring and promotions at Facebook.

The EEOC has categorized the investigation as a “systemic probe,” indicating that it suspects company policies have contributed to extensive discrimination.

Oscar Veneszee Jr. and three rejected applicants filed a class action charge last year to the EEOC claiming that the social media giant discriminates against Black candidates and employees in recruitment and hiring, performance evaluations, promotions, and pay.  Black employees are underrepresented at all levels at Facebook, especially in management and leadership positions.  The charge asserts that Black applicants do not have a fair opportunity to even get their foot in the door, and that Black professionals do not have an equal opportunity to advance their careers at Facebook.

The EEOC brought in systemic investigators last August who have been receiving and reviewing briefing documents from both sides over the last few months. The investigation is expected to continue for several months before the agency releases any findings.

KMB has partnered with two other powerful civil rights firms for this class investigation:  the impact litigation firm of Gupta Wessler and the class action firm of Mehri & Skalet.

Find coverage of the investigation from Reuters here, and The Intercept here.

If you were employed or denied a job at Facebook, you are invited to contact us to share your experience about how you were treated.  You may do so here.