KMB Representing Charlotte Bennett

Katz, Marshall & Banks is representing Charlotte Bennett, a former aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo who has accused the governor of sexual harassment.

Ms. Bennett was an executive assistant and health policy advisor in the Governor’s administration until her departure in November. During her time in Albany, Ms. Bennett said that Governor Cuomo asked her questions about her sex life, including whether she had ever had sex with older men, and whether she was monogamous in her relationships.

In a statement Monday, Ms. Bennett expressed concern that the Governor is trying to suppress the truth.

“As we know, abusers — particularly those with tremendous amounts of power — are often repeat offenders who engage in manipulative tactics to diminish allegations, blame victims, deny wrongdoing and escape consequences,” Ms. Bennett said. “It took the governor 24 hours and significant backlash to allow for a truly independent investigation. These are not the actions of someone who simply feels misunderstood; they are the actions of an individual who wields his power to avoid justice.”

The investigation of Governor Cuomo will be handled by two private attorneys, including a former acting U.S. attorney for New York's Southern District. Partner Debra Katz has pushed for the investigation to cover not just the Governor's actions, but the Governor's office and culture in Albany.

"It is important that this investigation isn't just centered around what Gov. Cuomo said and did," explained Ms. Katz. "It must also focus on the culture of secrecy, abuse, and fear that he fostered among his staff - frequently in violation of the very laws he signed to protect workers from sexual harassment. We look forward to cooperating with the investigators."

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