KMB Representing Janette Wipper and Melanie Proctor

Katz, Marshall & Banks Partner Alexis Ronickher is representing Janette Wipper, who was terminated from her position as Chief Counsel for California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing effective April 13, 2022, and Melanie Proctor, who resigned from her position as Assistant Chief Counsel that same day in protest of the circumstances related to Ms. Wipper’s termination.

According to Ms. Ronickher, Ms. Wipper and Ms. Proctor are evaluating all avenues of legal recourse, including claims under the California Whistleblower Protection Act, after the Office of California Governor Gavin Newsom terminated Ms. Wipper in the midst of her success litigating important civil rights cases and just after she had been reappointed to her position in November 2021. 

“Janette Wipper and Melanie Proctor believe that no one is above the law and California’s civil rights laws should apply to everyone,” Ms. Ronickher said.  “But this can only happen if those with political influence are forced to play by the same set of laws and rules.”

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