KMB Representing MaChelle Joseph

On March 26, 2019, Georgia Tech terminated MaChelle Joseph as Head Coach of the Women’s Basketball team.  This termination is the culmination of an unlawful campaign of retaliation against her for advocating for gender equity in athletics at Georgia Tech.  For years, Georgia Tech has provided sub-standard resources to its women’s basketball program including in facilities, marketing, travel, and funding, while providing significantly more and superior resources to its men’s basketball program.

Coach Joseph has been a vocal advocate for her team over the past several years.  Her advocacy and objections to the subpar treatment of the women’s basketball team have been met with fierce resistance and hostility from Athletic Department officials.  She has been accused of “attacking” Georgia Tech through her efforts, and top Athletic Department officials vowed to “get rid” of her. Georgia Tech finally accomplished that goal by manufacturing allegations against her and manipulating an investigation to make it appear that she engaged in unacceptable coaching practices. 

That allegation is false and was expressly refuted by officials close to the team and outside experts.  Coach Joseph is tough but fair.  She has worked tirelessly over the past 16 years to become the winningest coach in the history of Georgia Tech women’s basketball. 

Over the past month, she has received countless messages from former and current players, parents, and staff expressing their love, admiration, and respect.  These messages reveal the truth and will be her legacy. 

Find news coverage here, a previous statement from Lisa Banks here, and Coach Joseph's response to the March 20th confidential investigation report here.