KMB Representing Steven Sund

Katz, Marshall & Banks is representing Steven Sund, the former Chief of Capitol Police, related to the fallout from the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Sund was Chief when rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, disrupting the counting of electoral votes, and desecrating and vandalizing the halls of Congress. Five people died during the riot, including a Capitol Police officer, and two additional police officers died by suicide in the ensuing days.

In the immediate aftermath of the riot, Sund defended the Capitol Police as fighting “valiantly” in the face of thousands of violent rioters. However, in the face of criticism from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sund resigned the following day.

Sund has continued to defend his actions and the actions of his officers, and testified before Congress on February 24.  “None of the intelligence we received predicted what actually occurred,” Sund said at the hearing. “We properly planned for a mass demonstration with possible violence. What we got was a military-style, coordinated assault on my officers and a violent takeover of the Capitol building.”

Additionally, Sund informed Congress that his request for assistance two days before the riot was denied because of “optics,” that a response to his urgent calls for National Guard assistance on January 6 was inexplicably delayed for hours, and that a bulletin from the FBI the day before the attack, which warned of the possibility of more extreme violence, was not transmitted to him prior to the attack.

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