KMB Represents Former President and Executive Director of Muslim Advocates Farhana Khera

On June 21, 2021, Farhana Khera spoke out publicly about her resignation from Muslim Advocates, an organization that she founded and led for 16 years. In response, Muslim Advocates issued a false and misleading public statement about Ms. Khera and her leadership of the organization.
As KMB partner Lisa J. Banks explains, "Farhana Khera is one of our country’s most respected civil rights leaders, lauded by the board of directors of Muslim Advocates, the organization she founded, as ‘extraordinary’ and ‘impactful.’ It was only after Ms. Khera expressed concerns about the board’s commitment to justice and equality that it chose to reverse course and publicly question her leadership. The board’s statement is both patently false and retaliatory, and Ms. Khera is now carefully considering all legal options available to her."
Read Farhana Khera's message here.