The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund – Helping Victims Find Justice

Katz, Marshall & Banks partner Debra Katz was quoted in an article for Perspectives, a magazine sponsored by the ABA that focuses on women in law. The piece, “#MeToo Shakes the Legal Landscape on Sexual Harassment,” highlights the key moments and people that have spearheaded the movement, and what tangible progress has been, and should be, accomplished.

Among the most ambitious undertakings has been the creation of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund. Two attorneys – Robbie Kaplan and Tina Tchen – first conceived of the idea, and the National Women’s Law Center turned the idea into reality. The fund’s main goal is to help offset the financial burden that many victims of sexual assault and harassment encounter when they seek legal representation. By underwriting costs and fees, the legal network allows lawyers to take on meritorious cases that otherwise would be economically unfeasible.

“It’s crucial,” says Ms. Katz. “This legal network gives confidence to women that they can come forward when they don’t have the means to pay for a lawyer, when they are in locations without experienced counsel. This sends an important signal that people will not be thwarted in holding companies accountable.”

In addition to the legal network, activists are trying to remove structural barriers to justice such as forced arbitration and overbroad non-disclosure agreements. #MeToo has brought sexual harassment into the public consciousness, but systemic change is necessary for its impact to be lasting.

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