Debra Katz Speaks in a ACI Panel Presentation on Whistleblower Law

On July 28, 2015, Katz, Marshall, & Banks partner Debra S. Katz participated in a panel presentation, entitled “How to Handle Employment Landmines after a Whistleblower Complaint is Made and Validated: The Biggest Pitfalls that Can Heighten Exposure.”  The panel was part of the American Conference Institute’s Advanced Forum on Whistleblower Litigation, with a focus on responding to the increase in number of reports.  The presentation explicated who investigates such matters; the post-Menendez litigation hold notice; Upjohn warnings in light of recent SEC and NLRB developments; what to do if the whistleblower is in possession of confidential/privileged documents; management of the whistleblower’s administrative leave, compensation, promotions, and year-end evaluations; Voluntary Severance Agreements; and the termination of a whistleblower for misconduct.